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This correspondence is sent to you as a grateful patient and a testimonial to Dr. Matthew Rementer and everyone at Main Line Foot and Ankle.

In March of 2018 I was in our church parking lot when someone knocked me over with their car and ran over my right foot.  I was taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital where I was told that I broke the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th metatarsals.  We were recommended to Main Line Foot and Ankle and so began our journey with this practice and Dr. Rementer.

He performed surgery about ten days after the accident and with the skill and precision of both doctor and engineer he plated, screwed and wired my foot back together.  With each office visit he and the staff were patient with all my questions, understanding and encouraging giving me the confidence to push forward.

This is both a physical and mental journey and I would not have gotten through it without the expertise and encouragement of Dr. Rementer and everyone at Main Line Foot and Ankle.

Thank you all for every kindness and all the words of hope and encouragement.


Carol DiColli

When I contemplated bunion surgery, I heard so many “painful” horror stories, that I needed multiple assurances from Dr. Grossman before making my decision. My experience with Dr. Grossman was unbelievably pleasant beginning with my initial consultation through the pain-free successful surgery, to my follow up appointments. The reception and medical staff were attentive and accommodating to all my needs, always with a smile!!!

Best of all, my feet look beautiful and I never had to take a painkiller.
Many thanks, Dr. Grossman, you are the best and truly gifted!
– Joan Cesarini

Whatever I write won’t be enough at all, not even close, to thank the best foot Doctor probably in the world, Dr Micheal Grossman, and his staff Dr Michael was more than patient with me, gave me the best advice and told me about my options, and did everything he can to ease my pain until I  finally made the decision to remove my bunion, after being in agony for 10 years, (I met Dr. Grossman 2 years ago, though).

I was terrified at the thought of the surgery and tried to delay it as much as I possibly can, till walking became very painful. Dr. Grossman always assured me that the surgery is not painful as 1 thought it was. I am so sorry I let my fear overshadow his sincere advice. I just wish I did the surgery sooner to avoid more harm and pressure on the rest of my toes.I will back up a little, when I decided to see a foot doctor, 10 years ago the one 1 met did not leave me with a good impression at all, and so I delayed my procedure , then 2 years ago the pain started hitting my foot badly, and so I made an extensive research on the net, and read reviews and asked physicians I knew , and they all backed up my choice that Dr. Grossman is the best one around, so really his reputation precedes him. On my first visit, I felt he was easy going, confident, knows his work, and so experienced. I knew then that if I decided to do the surgery, he would he the one to do it. I was so reluctant because I was afraid of the after pain. But the pain became unbearable, and I had to make my decisions.

Then I informed him with my decision, and we set the date, meanwhile I was still reading and researching, just to get a feel of how things will be after the surgery. I remember I read one sentence that struck me so hard, it said the recovery from the surgery and the amount of pain felt afterward, all depends on how good the surgeon is, and how he performed the surgery and how neat he closed the incision, and  I was confident I had the best. So that sentence made feel so relieved. I even related this comment to Steve (who is such a wonderful man/outstanding receptionist, would do his best to accommodate your needs), and .. Steve’s answer was, “Well, if that is the case. then you won’t feel any pain at all.”

That is exactly what happened, I went in and out of the surgery, felt no pain, none whatsoever from the stitches, not even throbbing. The pain medication Dr.Grossman prescribed for me was only used the first day, and not because I felt any pain, but because I was scared that if the anesthesia wears off I will, start feeling the pain, but I never actually felt the pain at all. My foot was swollen which was normal, but that was it. A week later when I went to for my post op. appointments, I was thrilled to see my foot, the ugly bunion was gone, and the incision was so neat and clean, My foot looked wonderful, even better than the normal one. I felt so bad I didn’t do the surgery sooner, I tolerated this agonizing pain unnecessarily. I also forgot to take a before and after picture, that would have been better than a million comments.

So if you have a bunion or any other foot surgery, that you feel reluctant to do, or if
you are terrified of the after pain, Do not be, because you are so lucky to choose him.
Should you need to contact me any person please get my phone number from the staff;


Last January my primary care physician suggested I seek a second opinion for the treatment of Morton’s neuroma so I went to see a well-known orthopedic foot surgeon at Pennsylvania Hospital. I spent 5 months going to his office and it was an impersonal factory. When I did see him for no more than 5 minutes at a time, he was totally noncommunicative and worse, the treatments he suggested did not help the neuroma, but instead helped to cause my posterior tibial tendonitis as confirmed by MRI, which I did not have when I started to see him. I am now back with Dr. Michael Grossman. He is smart, personable and really tries to make the patient feel better. He put me in a soft cast today which feels much better than the expensive hard ones I received downtown. I do think I will get better in his care because he actually listens to the patient and cares about a healing result.

– L.S

After medical consultations with two well-known orthopedic centers in Philadelphia, I was fortunate to learn about the podiatric surgery practice of Dr. Michael Grossman at Main Line Foot & Ankle Center. I had major surgery on each foot, 8 months apart, with a minimum of inconvenience and absolutely no pain. Other doctors told me to expect to be off of my feet for several weeks; Dr. Grossman said I could walk on the foot in the blue surgical shoe in a little over a week post-surgery and each time I was back at work in 8 or 9 days. By carefully following Dr. Grossman’s instructions, I was past the surgical shoe and boot and wearing sneakers in 2 to 3 months and my regular shoes in about 4 months. I would recommend to anyone who is being warned of a long, painful recuperation, that they seek a second opinion from Dr. Grossman.

– N.K.

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